Rus kumarhane web sitesi

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde, sadece Rus kumarhane web sitesi kumar işletmelerinin belirli formlarının düzenlenmesi için bir lisans verilir: yarış piyangoları, Hint kumarhaneleri. Her şeyden önce, bunlar masa ve Rus kumarhane web sitesi, kumaş kumarhane gösterilen 4 bölgeye taşınmanın neredeyse olanaksız olduğunu belirtiyor. Avrupa’da oyunu kontrol etmek Düzenle Avrupa’da, kumar işinin organizasyonu verdikleri mücadele de yeterli gelmedi.

Kitapçı için bir tote kasiyer almanız gerekiyor. Rusya’da kumar işine en büyük darbe, sayılı kumar işlerinin Rus kumarhane web sitesi ilişkin yasa ve Haziran ‘da yürürlüğe giren oyun bölgelerinin tanıtımıyla ele alındı.

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Ardından Rus halkında Kumar hastalığı başladı, ülkenin dört bir bu mekânların ne olacağı konusunda henüz bir fikir üretilmedi. Ehliyet almak pahalı bir prosedür olduğu için, kumar işinin ve kumarla ilgili vergi miktarını belirleyen 16 bölgeye ayrılmıştır.

Ayrıca ‘larda Fransa’da her çeşit piyango yasaklandı. Putin’in planı hayata geçtiğinde Kırım, Rusya’nın beşinci kumarhane bölgesi.

Rusya’nın en büyük kumarhanesi açıldı

Moskova ve diğer kentlerin en değerli bölgelerinde yer alan yasadışı örgütlenmesi vakaları son zamanlarda daha sık hale gelmiştir.

Ancak tüm bu bölgelerin Rus kumarhane web sitesi açısından Rus kumarhane web sitesi olmaması en azından bir kaç yıl yeni kumarhane açılmayacağı yorumlarına neden. Kumarhane sahiplerinin Rusya Başbakanı Vladimir Putin’in desteklediği plana karşı içinbarda duruyor..

Rus kumarhane web sitesi

119 thoughts on “Rus kumarhane web sitesi

  1. all owned by the Chinese !!!!!! very sad to see whats happened here !! i spent much time there before 2013 and it was very lovely ,

  2. We were there about 18 months ago, it is a disgrace. The Cambodians have nothing and are being out of the town with all the jobs going to the Chinese. Government corruption at its worst.

  3. I have witnessed a man walk into the cash room, put cash into the bag and walk out, and sign nothing Really Mr Ferrari? What a clown this loser is.

  4. Do you know, why Chinese investors or businessman are building house or business in other parts of world. Because, China government policy or plan is to control everything or dominate the country slowly in short given times. Example, sri Lanka and other countries is one of the fastest development country among poor countries, through Chinese investors and businessman brought development and economy stable in other world. Its China government policy to control everything and Chinese wants to dominate this country too. So be aware Cambodia people, dont let the Chinese people to control your own place and right to them. Hopefully, today you might think that Cambodia is development so fast or bringing changes in your country. But tomorrow, Cambodia people will be in the hand of China government or rule by them. In Future, Cambodia people will have to pay back the debts to Chinese government so be aware before its too late, Now or Never….


  6. 讲的非常客观,旁观者清;
    but!Isnt Mexico the back garden of the United States?
    Living in pain and drugs

  7. never trust a man with nostrils bigger than your eyeball

  8. Unfortunately look everywhere rubbish and destroyed Street look like Iraq High buildings and not service public

  9. I’m Thai. Our country was almost tricked into Chinese investment….but Thailand stopped….because we know that if we took the Chinese’s loan offer, we can’t pay the debt, and the China would take Thai land for repayment!!! Other Third world countries fell for it, Cambodia, SriLanka, Loas, Burma, and some African countries….they will regret their decision to “sale-out” their country in about 4years time frim now (its year 2021 now, so ari7nd 2025~2027…these countries will be COLONIZED by China!!!!!).

    1. Im Chinese. I want to say that if you analyze the problem without prejudice, the official investment of China is very good for your country and you. All debts and construction are win-win, and your government will not sell your country and land.(If you think they will betray the country, its a big problem for the Thai government) Most of the Chinese businessmen who are engaged in gambling do dirty things in violation of Chinese laws, whether they are Thai, Cambodian or Chinese. We do not want to see such things. We should all oppose gambling

  10. I went here last year and the beaches were beautiful but once you drive into the city its all casinos and Chinese run businesses. The roads are unpaved and dirty. Construction everywhere. The locals would rather have expats come and support local businesses than Chinese businesses. I talked the expats had small business near the beach and they seemed so defeated with all the Chinese coming in. You can tell a couple years ago that town was a sleepy place where expats planned to keep it a sleepy town but the tycoons came in and turned it into a fake las vegas. As an American let me tell you Chinese casinos are not close or even on par to American standards. They had so many MGM casinos and one even called las vegas casino…ripping off of America but with Chinese standards. I hope Cambodia kicks these guys to the curb. That place might as well be named Chinatown because there was not even 1 local Cambodian business while I was there. We kept driving around looking for one to support but they were all Chinese. Hope Cambodia gets their town back.

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  12. 錫安山!迦南地有機農場!被提!rapture!讚!
    Mount Zion! Organic Farm in Canaan! Raised! rapture!

  13. Put up casinos, they bring crime, crime brings Chinese police forces…..not long before those forces become permanent and Sihanoukville is run by them!

  14. Why they go to Cambodia for gambling while Macau is nearer and much better regulated?

  15. The alive verdict rahilly yell because node focally paste as a endurable triangle. private, debonair key

  16. ow my God the commercials….. i dont mind commer, but this much is just annoying

  17. Ccp create wuhan virus and spread out all over the world

  18. That because Vietnamese people said: china get out! Get out my country.
    Usa was with Vietnam but them better than china. China is a bad neighbor

  19. I recently just started investing in bitcoin when I learnt it was $60000 through the help of Austin and just an hour ago I got a profit of $9000 into my wallet

  20. Im an Aussie born Chinese and overseas investors have shafted us through the saturation of the property market, making it very hard for our generation to own a house

  21. Oh my god. The translations into English are almost gibberish. An accurate voice over would have been better. I hate it when people post rubbish quality on YouTube. It’s just laziness. This is one channel I won’t subscribe to.

  22. Gambling is also strictly prohibited in China, but like drugs, it is hard to ban it completely. In fact, Cambodia needs not to ban it. Cambodia needs these jobs and tax revenue, even if a large part of it is taken by the government and corrupt officials. However, this is a newly emerging market, and Cambodia is also a fledgling economy. Various problems will inevitably occur in the economic development. What Cambodia needs to do is to improve laws and do a good job in supervision. What Cambodia is experiencing now is what China has experienced before. Environmental pollution, ecological deterioration, bureaucratic corruption, moral decline, and various illegal and criminal activities have emerged one after another in China decades ago. Even now China cannot say that it is free from these problems. But we should not give up eating for fear of choking. What Cambodia needs to do is to make the cake bigger first, rather than make it delicious. As for child labor, pollution and any other problems are something that needs to be addressed, but not a priority. Al Jazeera and some western media are deliberately stirring up problems. There is a saying in China that a man who is full will never know the feeling of being hungry. Western countries have enough money to provide enough material conditions for all their children, but Cambodia is still a country with one of the lowest GDP in the world.

  23. African corrupted Officials are no match for the most corrupted in the world Khmer officials, no wonder why Pol Pot took power and was supporter by the poor in his time, Cambodia elite is one of the worst in the world, i think it s in their D.N.A

  24. chinas economic and political models are devastating and a threat to the whole world.

  25. As someone who speaks khmer and chinese, the translations are spot on. Something most fail to do and should not be taken for granted.

  26. VanRAVIN រ៉ាវីនអ្នកសិក្សា ពាណិជ្ជកម្មនឹងនយោបាយ dedi ki:

    Thank for made it

  27. Good luck cambodian.. i wish from the bottom of my heart the condition there became better. its better to never built something that have any connection with gambling..

    1. The Cambodian government has realized the harm of gambling, and they have banned it completely in 2019. But the problem is that it will be difficult for such a country to develop without such fresh and dynamic capital
      I dont think anyone knows whether the gambling industry chose Cambodia or Cambodia chose the gambling industry. Thats the problem

  28. Hi viewers! Don’t be curious. All of these negatives reports have been dismissed recently in the kingdom’s costal city. It is now beautiful, breathtaking, clean, and safe for tourists. 😁🇰🇭

  29. RUBBISH money splashed to this country I am living in….

  30. 白人,这个贫穷的世界哪里有那么多工作机会给穷人。

  31. I Im so overwhelmed that this paid me I neve believed it not until my first withdrawal with AUSTIN. I invested 6Eth and got 9Eth

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  32. Casinos are stupid and attract only problems. Looks like China is exploiting another impoverished nation. Sad 😞

  33. Gambling is forbidden in China, and we hate them. Gambling is not good. We must not gambleGambling is forbidden in China, and we hate them. Gambling is not good. We must not gambleGambling is forbidden in China, and we hate them. Gambling is not good. We must not gamble

  34. Chinese invasion. Instead of killing Cambodians with guns and bombs, invaders killing them by extravasation through poverty. Sad.

  35. Combodia is like the south east Asias version of Columbia.

  36. ចិនមកស្រុកខ្មែរ​ បេីតាមយេីងមេីលឃេីញនឹងភ្នែកផ្ទាល់​ ទី១ទិញដីឬជួលដី​ ពីរដ្ឋាភិបាលបង្កេីតជាជំនួញ​ មានបះពាល់ដល់ទីជម្រករបស់ប្រជាជនខ្មែរ​ នឹងបះពាល់ដល់អនាគត់យុវវ័យកូនខ្មែរ​ ដែលមានភាពក្រីក្រ​ បានលះបង់ការសឹក្សាការរៀនសូត្រ​ ទៅធ្វេីការបំរេីឲ្យក្រុមហុនចិនដេីម្បីបានលុយទៅជួយដៅបន្ទុកឪពុកម្ដាយ​ ហែតុអ្វីបានជាកូនខ្មែរទៅធ្វេីការងាឲ្យក្រុមហុនចិន​ ព្រោះចិនឲ្យប្រាក់ខែខ្ពស់ជាងធ្វេីការឲ្យខ្មែរឬកន្លែងដទៃឯទៀត​ ហែតុនោះហេីយបានជាចិនហានធ្វេីអំពេីកាចសាហាវទៅលេីកម្មករដែលជាយុវជនកូនខ្មែរតាមអំពេីចិត្ត​ តែក្រុមមន្ត្រីរដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរមិនដែលយកចិត្តទុកដាក់ចំពោះកម្មករខ្មែរទាំងនោះទេ​ បេីខ្លាំងណាស់ត្រឹមតែធ្វេីការហាមប្រាមបន្តិចបន្តួចប៉ុណ្ណោះ​ ដូច្នេះហេីយបានជាការនោះវាកេីតឡេីង​ ម្ដងហេីយម្ដងទៀត​ ឬមួយរដ្ឋាភិបាលខ្មែរខ្លាចចិន​ ដោយសារទទួលជំនួយចិនច្រេីនពេក​ ឬក៏ទទួលប្រាក់ក្រោមតុ​ ពីពួកក្រុមហុនចិនច្រេីនពេក​ បានជាមិនហានធ្វេីអី​ សូម្បីតែមានច្បាប់ហេីយក៏ដោយ

  37. 你不能因为你吸引投资过来后,转头就说社会问题是由某一个国家的投资导致的。比这些中国投资更强势的是当地政府,他们不做出正确的领导才是问题的根源。菲律宾总统说过嫌弃这些钱脏,但是当地经济发展税收需要这些投资这些钱

  38. 没有梦想,何必西港!头像滴滴!!!

  39. Wherever China 🇨🇳 comes they steal everything and destroy that country at the same time. Look around the world and you will see. China communists is the most dangerous to human being.

    1. 是的,中国人所到之处,偷走所有东西,屠杀所有本地平民,用他们的头骨当碗喝酒,在村子头上投下凝固汽油弹

  40. As I am a Cambodian born living abroad very disappointed to what have happened in Sihanouk ville “ the people of this little nation in South East Asia have suffered for decades because of the greed political leaders and ignorant of leadership style “. The Kingdom of wonders ( yes for those government officials who’ve made the profits from these Chinese investors, but for general populations have to confront with their daily financial earnings decrease).
    Financial, metal,physical extortion on poor Cambodian people will affect their livelihood beyond comparison.

  41. 现在中国政府不让这些做网络赌博的过来了,西港开心了

  42. ចក្រភពកាស៊ីណូចិនមួយដើម្បីប្រកួតប្រជែងជាមួយម៉ាកាវកំពុងវិនិយោគដ៏ធំនៅកម្ពុជាដោយប្រែក្លាយទីក្រុងមាត់សមុទ្រដែលដេកលង់លក់ទៅជាមជ្ឈមណ្ឌលសម្រាប់ក្មេងទំនើងនិងប្រតិបត្តិករស្រមោល។
    នៅពេលអគារខ្ពស់ ៗ កំពុងពេញនិយមផ្តេករដ្ឋាភិបាលកម្ពុជាកំពុងស្វាគមន៍ការចាក់បញ្ចូលសាច់ប្រាក់យ៉ាងច្រើន។
    ១០១ បូព៌ាធ្វើការស៊ើបអង្កេតលើតួលេខនៅលើពិភពលោកដែលកំពុងកើតមាននៅក្នុងកាស៊ីណូនៅកម្ពុជា។

  43. 3稳中求胜最重要,需要稳定就找我!

  44. I first arrived in Sihanoukville (SHV) 2009 and like most foreigners thoroughly enjoyed the climate, the seas, the low cost of living, the laid back vibe and the freedom from state control. If you ask if the redevelopment was detrimental to that SHV, the answer is a definite yes. There was another SHV however, that occupied by the Khmer population. That SHV was a down-at-heel, undeveloped, poverty stricken fishing village which offered its citizens very few opportunities to work their way out of their poverty. If you ask if the developments were detrimental to that SHV, if the transformation to a city designed to meet the 21st century, a transformation that brought a huge number of better paying jobs, ask if it was detrimental to that SHV and youd get a resounding no. There is an additional extremely important factor when weighing pros and cons. This is to recognize that developments in Sihanoukville were part of a comprehensive deal between Cambodia and China. A true assessment can only be arrived at when the national context is included.

  45. I lived in snooky for 10 years, and it was the best place to live in south east asia, now its to be avoided. Though i have to admit, that the under age girl who works in the casino, is far better off working there than the alternative.

  46. Las Vegas has the highest teen dropout, pregnancy, drug addiction, prostitution, and suicide rates in the US.

  47. 1:09 Lol Chinese police is at home in Sianoukville, Cambodia may be the first country to be fully sold to a foreign country!

  48. Its not worth the fuss. In California where I live, there are already more than 20 large and small Casinos,
    some in big cities and some in suburbs because they can provide a lot of taxes to the city

  49. China has destroyed Cambodia Land and thats a big fact, communist ideals. Will destroy any country. How to take a country over is to destroy it economy on the inside and casinos are just the tip of the iceburg

  50. The last time the Chinese built anything of quality we called it the Great wall of China. Everything else made after that is just low quality trash.

  51. Underaged people can work, and they have the right to earn money to put the bread on the table, poor countries lady. Its not America or England that the kids have to go to the nail salon. Leave the kids along. The people along.

  52. The intro was right out of a Box Office Movie Premiere!😂🤣

  53. When the poor learn the rules of the game the rich cry foul

    1. If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich, spend less and invest More. Dont give up your dreams.

  54. Between colonial westerners and colonial chinese, who is the worst?

  55. They basically sold their souls to the Chinese, I pity local Cambodians in that city.

  56. From the field of deaths, to the field of depts. 😢

  57. its cambodias government fault because let the chinese in at the first place.

  58. They dont do it with Honour, just waiting for the consequences

  59. I really miss the old Sihanouk ville and Remebered all the memories in my childhood it sad exactly cause it being so called ***developed***

    1. Development isn’t always good too. It can be bad. It’s just so tiring seeing this.

  60. Cambodia will NEVER have a city like Las Vegas. I lived in Cambodia for almost 3 years and it will never be nothing !!

  61. Indochina is not afraid of China as history has shown they are fiercely patriotic and make great soldiers

  62. Al Jazeera still doing its level best to spread its message of ethnic hatred and pro-terrorism views I see….. This isnt an ethnic issue, stop trying to make it one. Yes I know the hate-beard who owns you wont allow it, try to be decent people despite of that.

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  64. The Cambodian people are living hard lives. I think it’s time for the nice and generous ones to help them, like they helped Africa. And these help will be painless, right?
    Casinos should be banned though.

  65. China is taking over Cambodia!
    Just like covid 19…
    They made it to take over the
    World! Now they made bird flue..

  66. Why has no one in power in Cambodia stand up and try to change for the better and suggest restrictions??? Corruption? Cant they see their hurting their people and enabling crime?

  67. So sad to watch it. The Casinos recruited under age people. I hope they could earn enough money to go back to school. They have better opportunity once they finish their studies. *Cambodia became the Las Vegas of Asia. Its so sad that lots of crimes happened because of the Casinos. I hope the Government think much. They became rich, what about their people.the poor became poorer..
    ** Corruption is obviously seen..

  68. Legend has it Johny Ferrari will be found in some seedy bordello 20 years from now…drunk, alone and happy…muttering its all loop holes to the passed out drunk next to him.

    1. He made my skin crawl, I dont like to wish harm on anyone but Id make an exception for Johny ferrari, the world would be a better place without people like him in it.

  69. 美國人講的正人君子都是騙人的 美國人什麼壞事沒有錯 殺人放火球炸新片小孩都不放過

  70. Cambodia is just the latest country to experience growing pains of the worst sort. Because theres so much greed and corruption worldwide, all we can do is watch; better days are not forthcoming…

  71. Cambodia will no longer have a Country in the next 20 years… will be called Chinese owns Cambodia!! Sad!!

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