Konami slot makineleri

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Konami – Vikipedi

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Big Jackpots, Big Wins Download. Güçlü üretim kapasitesini garanti eder 24 H 7D Satış oyunları hindistan’da para yatırma gerçek para konami slot makineleri Oyunlar sürede gidermek için 24 saat beklemektedir. Konami slot makineleri by Novomatic, Book of Ra 6 slot machine comes with konami slot makineleri cool video effect that will encourage Indir that follows the international gaming standards.

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Konami slot makineleri

110 thoughts on “Konami slot makineleri

    1. SLot Lover to me anything that has a 5x 10x i love the excitment of lots $$$$$

    2. Thank you and which one is your favorite konami machine ?

  1. Congratulations on those awesome wins. How long did it take to get all those free spins done? Lol Once I won so many spins I let it spin for about 50 spins it kept retriggering & I had to potty so bad I took prize & it was the top prize of $1100. I was happy to win & potty.

    1. Hi a win is one thing, your wifes fun jugs is another!

    1. no they are from different nights, which one is your favorite konami machine ?

  2. These are all fantastic wins SL! What a collection of wins. I must say my favorite is Aztec Dawn is my top favorite, 2nd place would be Chili Chili Fire and 3rd would be Lotus Land.

    1. Aztec dawn is a good game, its just hard to bonus on. I love chilli chilli fire and ofcourse lotus land is my favorite too…

  3. Great videos! Not sure what story needs to be told or shown, looks like you showed plenty! Thank you for the vids. My favorite is china shores.

    1. Yeah i like Volcanic rock fire and lamp of destiny both refuse to pay me super big.

    2. Sorry forgot Lamp of destiny and Volcanic rock fire are also two of my favorites

    1. Sure thing, Will try it as soon as I see one !!! IF i win big, I will post and send a shout out to you 🙂

    2. SLot Lover Keep giving it a try. And try a different denom if you can find it. When both dragons scream before a spins its orgasmic lmao

    3. I like that game but somehow it never gave me any win that i could remember also most of the places the max bet is just 2 or 2.25 for that game, i like the games with atleast 3 dollars max bet.

  4. Wow. I think you showed us bonuses from 28 different games in this film. China Shores paid the most, but Lotus Land was my favorite. Konami has a lot of good games – this collection just barely scratches the surface.

    1. Yeah these were the ones which my local has and I played long enough to catch some good wins out of. And lotus land is my favorite too 🙂

      Thanks for watching 🙂

  5. Any one as long as it gives me a bit of fun and value for my money

  6. China Shores is my favorite. The 2nd game you showed (Aztec Dawn) is actually Bally lol

  7. Incredible wins, my Konami fav is Mayan Chief but no one plays it 🙁

    1. Its really popular at my old local, they had to add 4 more!

    2. I used to like that game but dont see that around much. Also the play on that game is a little slow, newer konmai games are faster (takes your money quick) lol.

    1. +Trillionaire yeah that game could pay good if get middle line lined up 🙂

  8. Ive havent played any of these. I am way to chicken to be above 60 cents. I hit max on a game once. I really need to just go for it. one day, maybe….lol

    1. Yeah wife also plays mostly min bet but when she hits big like couple hundred dollars or so then she increase her bet to 2 or 3 dollars 🙂

  9. 👎 No story or live play, very childish by posting only the winnings

    1. SLot Lover – Now you talking… thats more like it body. Thanks for sharing though

    2. I am posting my How far a hundred can go Part 14 Tomorrow, do check it out, it does have a full story 😉

    3. I showed the play of all my favorite Konami games, and askign which one is your favorite ?

  10. I know why people are giving dislikes, it is because just watching the reels spinning when you are not actually there is a little boring, I am not saying you are boring but showing excitement is a way of bringing the watcher into your video.

  11. Love the mix of big wins, You really stepped in some lucky shit!

    1. Thanks man for watching, which is your favorite Konami Slot ?

  12. My favor is Dragon law twin fever and chili chili fire

  13. I bet you spend 3 times what you win….your never satisfied with your win!,,,

  14. 𝑺𝒍𝒐𝒕𝒔𝑯𝒐𝒖𝒔𝒆 .𝑽𝑰𝑷🔥 has that game with free spins for the quarantine:). I got lucky and won $29. Not insanely good but for free spins im not complaining

  15. Awesome Big, Super, And Mega Big Wins. Thanks For Sharing!.

  16. Lotus land and China shores. I have yet to do good on either though. I got about 200 spins on China shores once but only got abut 100 dollars >.>

  17. SL my money is not long enough to play the Konami slots but I appreciate you sharing your adventures. LOL Keep Winning

  18. Excellent video buddy keep up the good work my favorite still has to be China shores ha ha

  19. It was great video,i dont know why the people giving dislike,CONGRATS buddy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. VEGAS HIGH ROLLER SLOT MACHINES BY N.G Thanks for watching

  20. Congratulations on the wins my favorite has to be be China Shores. Great collection of games.

    1. Thanks Bro !!! Yeah china shores could be generous with number of spins also it just needs one good line hit to make you rich.

  21. SL, you did it again, lucky you. Youre a rich man. Thumbs up.

  22. am more of a WMS kinda girl.. but i like china shores

    1. +SLot Lover am sure i will like it.. i like all your videos and great wins btw..

    2. Cool, I am posting a similar video for WMS next week, hope you like that 🙂

  23. man Im sure the games is california pay better then the oz ones

    1. These are mostly played in Nevada, Reno. We have a local here in California (Graton), doesnt pay that much. By the way, which is your favorite Konami Slot.

  24. Nice fat wins… Congrats my friend…. Keep winning and keep showing us !!! Take Care !

  25. Slot lover, in resposnse to your question to Cecil Duncan. In Australia, we have all brands of pokies. Australia is awash with pokies.

    1. Cool, I should visit soon then, do they let you record your wins though ?

  26. Loved this episode good wins @SLot Lover, hi from Australia

    1. Cecil Duncan wow, hi back from California, thanks for watching, do u have konami games in Australia ?

  27. I like them all when you play them 😁, you’re lucky all the time!!

  28. lotus land … my go to machine. also congrats to your awesome wins!

  29. Great collection of past wins on Konami! That lotus flower is still my favorite! I do not play them often, so maybe I may need to revisit them.

    1. Yeah tigers love me cause i have a tatoo of tiger on my arm ;). Even though I won a jackpot in Balagios, they still wont gimme a room offer….

    2. You have to spin, because that tiger wants nothing to do with me, you know we will do some SlotTravelling too! And we are doing Bellagio 🙂

    3. We can play that one together live in september at Cosmo 🙂

  30. Lotus Land my 1st
    Ancient Dragon my 2nd
    Congrats on your wins
    Thanks for sharing

  31. None. Their games are terrible like Ainsworth. Im an Aristocrat fan.

  32. That lotus land is my favorite that hit was incredible 💯👌👍👏👏👏bravo

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