Vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane

Vladimir Ilyich’in hafif eli ile, Kaplan Günü’nün yıllık kutlaması ‘de başladı.

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vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane Lead and zinc[ edit ] There are more than 10 commercial deposits of lead and zinc in the territories of DalnegorskyKavalerovskyand Krasnoarmeysky Districts. The coal of the Pavlovsky, Skotovsky, and Bikinsky deposits Primorsky Krai.

He has continued vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane engage in thought leadership and is an Examiner of a UK based taxation body. The basin is located vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane north and the long-flame coals prevail.

Her deep understanding of the whole gamut vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane African financial markets, her familiarity with vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane overall corporate needs 25 mi to the northeast of Amursky Bay and corporate and tax structuring places her at the pinnacle.

There are more than twenty deposits of refractory clay west of the city of Ussuriysk.

Kaplan Günü Bir kişi büyük bir şehre nasıl tatil yaptı?

Yıl sonunda, tek bir kişiye dokunmamış ve sokak köpeklerinin yarımadasını temizleyen beş Amur kaplanı öldürüldü. Uglovsky Basin: Located 30 km 19 mi northeast of Vladivostokthe basin’s band extends about 40 km of an organizations investing in Africa with respect to ranges from 6 to 14 km 3 of investment relevance. The clay is suitable vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane the manufacture vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane bricks and ceramics.

The mining of only two of them is currently maintained, at Vostok-2 and Vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane by the Primorsky Mining Group and Lermontovskoye Mining Company.

Primorsky Krai – Wikipedia

There are more than 30 deposits of tin in them are placer deposits. They are similar in color to the vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane American ashlar stones. Bu sıradışı geçit töreninde birçok katılımcı stilize “kaplan kostümleri”.


Vladivostok kaplanında kumarhane

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  1. Give the blondest most blue-eyed Russian a dna test and you will find many traces of Tatar/Mongol genes. I’m surprised that so many people do not know this. It is a vital part of world history.

  2. I noticed some Scandinavians look they are mixed with Asian too.

    1. @Hyena laughing matter

      Many Russians who live near Saint Petersburg and Finland have more Asian features because of more Sami/Komi mixture. Blond people often have more Asian mixture because the related genes were derived from EHG and ANE. ANE are relatively closer to native Americans and Asian Siberians genetically.

    2. @Hyena laughing matter oh yeah those are the indigenous people in Finland. I forgot about that

    3. Rus is a old Norse Word. means the man who rows. Slavic people never existed is fiction slavic people are east germanic people, after huns take them as slav and call them slavic.

  3. Im Uzbek, Im white 4 Asians,
    Im Asian 4 whites
    Im Hispanic 4 south Americans.
    Nepalese 4 Indians.

    1. watch russians from european part you can see asian in them

    1. @User Damn right. The closest genetic relative of the Mizrahi is a Palestinian, and certainly not Ashkenazi.

    2. @User they are not converts. They are descendants of israelis who migrated to europe 1500 years ago

    3. lol..Most of so called jewish europeans are white converts. They have very little in genetics common to the original mizrahi middle eastern jews.

    4. Yes, of course he had to be Jewish to succeed in Hollywood.

  4. My grandpa was Russian, and half Asian. He had brown skin and slightly Asian looking eyes. You’ll find many mixed race people in Russia, especially Siberia

  5. Русские как этнос похожи на славян, но так русскими ещё называют носителей русской культуры. Вот и весь секрет.

  6. Umm kinda they look like Asians but they look like Americans

    1. Why Kazakhstani? Why not tuva,yakut,buryat or kyrgyz

  7. It means Kpops with korean bloods are…are russian?
    What about south east asia? Can russian race reached indonesia?

    Some russian traveled and became native in japan called Ainu or jomon. wich is why some of japanese people had bluesh black eyes with european look.

  8. If someone knows
    sabina altynbekova volley ball player

  9. The title seems to be misleading a lot about interracial groups if they are mixed or related to them

  10. Original Russ people come from Scandinavia. They Created Kiev state, and took part in slavic ethnogenesis.

  11. Im an older American trying to figure out who I am; I was adopted at birth and all my life people have asked me if I am part Asian. I did a DNA test and I am East European. I do have many DNA matches in Russia and also Finland and Slovakia.

  12. С чего вы взяли, что люди, которые живут в россии и выглядит как азиаты, являются русскими? Они не являются русскими. У них другая национальность. Вы же не называете жителей гренландии датчанами.

    1. Ну так Гренландия географически и не в Дании. Может тогда уйти с земель якутов, бурят, татар, тувинцев и луораветлан?

    2. Для них любой кто живет в России – Russian.

  13. смотря какие Русские веть в России 300 Наций

  14. The lady presenter has also Asian features in her appearance.

  15. the reason is that,russsia is a big country. Two times bigger than US and canada. Russia is a country composed of asia and europe. Thats why its called russia. Means europe and asia. Thats the reason why some russians look asian. Because a big part of russia is geographically part of asia.

  16. Answer: Russia=Asia and it belongs particularly to great Turkestan. There living many Turkic peoples like Tatars-Bashkirs-Chuvash-Kazakh-Yakuts-Uzbek-Kyrgiz etc. Most of them are Kipchak Turks one of the 4 Turkic groups. My father is also from Kipchak tribe and my mother from Oghuz tribe like Turks of Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan-Turkey.

  17. Российская пропаганда

  18. In other news:

    Why do some Canadians look North American?

    Why do some Germans look European?

    Why do some Ethiopians look African?

    1. Germans ancestors came from central Asia from the Germanic tribes that lived there before migrating as they were push by the golden hoard as well as the white Turks tribes who lived there also.

  19. I dont think 78 percent of Russians have light brown hair and blue eyes. Sorry

  20. Russian ppl are nice and some russian ppl live in mongolia I am mongolia I see lot of russian and we learn how to spell russian but one day russian human got coronavirus and we also got coronavirus its ok mongolia is healthy ever

  21. Well duh, 77% of Russia is in Asia…you should have just said eastern Asian. it is not that hard

    1. Where is the other half,is it in a separate continent detached from the Asian land mass? What an idiot.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  22. I thought it was because they had fat closer to their skin

  23. WTF!? We are not Asiats! Sorry, I bad speak English.

  24. Russia is an empire. It conquered and still retains many peoples in its composition, like China. Some of them want to gain independence, but Russia will never allow this.

  25. There is 0:38 kyrgyz and jews as biggest non-slavic groups which is not true. There should be chuvashes (Turkic people) and chechens (Vainakh people). Jews are far from being in the first places in terms of numbers. Also at 1:58 is rough definition asian ethnic groups. Tatars and chuvashes have many anthropological types mostly european. I guess this video was makes by very ignorant people who does not understand the topic of the video. The topic of this video is why some russians looking asian ?. Speaking on turkic language doesnt mean looking asian. Its like calling russian-speaking kazakhs europeans.

    Я заметил, по именам создателей видео, что видео делали русские в основном. Иностранцев ещё можно было бы понять за такой упрощенно-грубый подход, но в вашем случае это непозволительно. Что за дезинформацию вы даёте людям ? Будьте осторожны, так можно попасть под статью 282 УК РФ.

  26. Думал, что тут будет информация об этногенезе народа, о вливании в русский этнос финно-угроских народов и тюрских народов. На деле просто стату кинули на 9.5 ляма

  27. Hey Im Chinese I found that Russians in the Asian part tend to look Asian but those in the European part tend to look European and white. For me white Russians look so similar to other Europeans and European Americans that I cannot even distinguish among them. I may probably always mistake a white Russian for a white American or mistake a European guy for a white Russian, thats similar to the fact that westerners including Russians cant distinguish among Chinese, Koreans and Japanese, hahaha.

    1. Not tend to look, we are Asian. Do you know Yakut for example?

  28. 1:47 Apparently mongaloids are an ethnic group in their culture… Lol

  29. Russian (Russkiy) is a national identity, white European.
    Rossiyanin – is a person who lives on the territory of Russia, but is not Russian (Russkiy).

    1. @Hyena laughing matter
      All blonde Europeans have Asian ancestors because blonde genes were derived from Asians.

      Geneticist David Reich said that the hundreds of millions of copies of this SNPs, the classic European blond hair mutation, entered continental Europe by way of a massive population migration from the Eurasian steppe, by a people who had substantial Ancient North Eurasian ancestry.[31][a 2]

      Ancient North Eurasian admixture is present in mesolithic fossils from Northern Europe, and is linked to the prediction of blond hair in stone-age Scandinavians by ancient DNA analysis

      p50-51 of the following paper


      The derived allele of the KITLG SNP rs12821256 that is associated with – and likely causal for – blond hair in Europeans is present in one hunter-gatherer from each of Samara, Motala and Ukraine (I0124, I0014 and I1763), as well as several later individuals with Steppe ancestry. Since the allele is found in populations with EHG but not WHG ancestry, it suggests that its origin is in the Ancient North Eurasian (ANE) population. Consistent with this, we observe that earliest known individual with the derived allele is the ANE individual Afontova Gora 3 which is directly dated to 16130-15749 cal BCE (14710±60 BP, MAMS-27186: a previously unpublished date that we newly report here).

    2. @Hyena laughing matter
      Yes. All Europeans are mixed with Asians.

      One origin is from ANE. Another origin is from Finno-Ugric people.

      (1) ANE


      Northern Europeans (stock image left) have more indigenous hunter DNA, while southern Europeans (right) have more DNA from the Middle East. However, all Europeans have DNA from a third mystery group, called the Northern Eurasians. This group also contributed DNA to those who travelled across the Bering Strait


      (2) Finno-Ugric

    3. @Alexandre Wozikowski same like poles are mixed with asians too

    4. All Russians have Asian ancestors because of Finno-Ugric mixed…

      Haplogroup N1c is found chiefly in north-eastern Europe, particularly in Finland (61%), Lapland (53%), Estonia (34%), Latvia (38%), Lithuania (42%) and northern Russia (30%), and to a lower extent also in central Russia (15%), Belarus (10%), eastern Ukraine (9%), Sweden (7%), Poland (4%) and Turkey (4%). N1c is also prominent among the Uralic speaking ethnicities of the Volga-Ural region, including the Udmurts (67%), Komi (51%), Mari (50%) and Mordvins (20%), but also among their Turkic neighbours like the Chuvashs (28%), Volga Tatars (21%) and Bashkirs (17%), as well as the Nogais (9%) of southern Russia.

      N1c represents the western extent of haplogroup N, which is found all over the Far East (China, Korea, Japan), Mongolia and Siberia, especially among Uralic speakers of northern Siberia. Haplogroup N1 reaches a maximum frequency of approximately 95% in the Nenets (40% N1c and 57% N1b) and Nganassans (all N1b), two Uralic tribes of central-northern Siberia, and 90% among the Yakuts (all N1c), a Turkic people who live mainly in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in central-eastern Siberia.

  30. Many nations in Russia, often mix. Thats why sometimes difficult to say who is who😊

  31. its nice that russia recognizes all their people as a whole. unlike America were everyone is categorized into separate groups

  32. I don’t think that you can call tatars asian

  33. I’m Asian and asked this to an Asian from Kazakhstan. He got offended that I didn’t know Asians lived in Kazakhstan and he was very malicious about it.

  34. ცივილური უფლებების დამცველი dedi ki:

    Bruh there mothers cheated on asian guys

  35. It is not the Russians who look like Asians, but the Western Europeans who look like Arabs and Semites. Black hair and a narrow face are not signs of the white race, but signs of the Near Asians and Semites.

  36. Actually lot of people always forget or doesnt know that Asians r mongoloids race like Nigroid & Caucasians.Asians means all the countries that part of aisan continent..even middle east & Indian Subcontinent is part of Asia..see geography

  37. Why do some Russians look Asian?

    Maybe because most of Russia encompasses a gigantic part of Asia???

  38. A strange question. Some of Russians, even aristocrats has a black skin. For example Pushkin is the greatest poet of Russia.
    Commentators mixed political nation, cultural affiliation, ethnicity, race and geographical affilation. Russiyane are political nation. Political nation Rossiyane consists of ethnic groups where biggest are Russians, who looks European and lives on European part of Russia before expansion to Asia and native peoples Asiatic part of Russia. Some peoples, who mixed with other etnical group call themselves Russians, someone not. The cultural security of Russia is European. Geografically Russia is a Eurasian country.

  39. Anyone know anything about the background theme for this video

  40. So Asian should be small eyes only?how about India and Arabs?they are not Asian?

  41. Some Russians do not LOOK asian, they ARE asian. Also a lot of them are arabic too now. This is what happens when you have a super bloc that collapses, you have foreigners suddenly with Russian passports and they of course are going to go where the economy is better.

    1. It’s not foreigners getting passport. Wtf. I’m Yakut and we lived here before russians came 400 years ago.

  42. Some Russians look Asian but the ethnic Russians WILL never look Asian and are not Asian.

  43. I am just going to go out in a limb here before watching the video and suggest it is because Russia is in Eurasia and most of its territory is covering historically Asian ethnic groups.

  44. Some people got confused, im not sure mongoloid means Mongolian, its about your appearance and those people speak Turkic anyways

  45. Ты татар видела? Какие азиаты? Даже генетические тесты на нац состав всегда покажут как восточно европейской принадлежности. Если предки жили на месте нынешней Болгарии а не как не с Азии. Есть как и у всех смешанные с азиатами. Но это супер малое число. Спасибо монгольскому нашествию и его протекторату. Больше слушайте тупню эту.

  46. U should say look chinese cause asia is really huge and not every asian is the same

  47. Because asian looking peoples are Turkic and Mongolic in Russia. See history and today..

  48. from dna point of view, average Russian have 80% Caucasus dna,20% asian dna
    but asian have many part and type. russian have 5-10% middle east type dna(close to turkey,iran), 10-15% mongolian type(close to chinese)dna

  49. Mongol invasion and control for 300 years..many ethnic white Russians have mongol features like putin

  50. I just cant understand why this video has been censored by youtube. Theres absolutely nothing wrong in it.

  51. I dont think white russians will exist in 100 years, they will all be mixed out with the other ethnic groups in russia.

  52. Because Asian live there before The Russ migrated to those lands from central Asia.

  53. Most Russian have some Mongolian blood ,some more ,some less……if more ,I call it Boris Yeltsin look ….and I dont like it with girls . ,but just a little mongolian blood makes Russian and Ukrainian girl so beautifull ,becouse the oval face.
    Iam from Czech ,we are 1/3 Slavic 1/3 german 1/3 celts ,but mostly western Slavic and I cdan see a difference
    I like this mongolian type Russian look ,but not Yeltsin eyes …..just keep in mind ,Mongolians occupied Russia for 200 years …from 13th to 15th century

    1. this is why ,some Russian can drink more than others…..same as Mongolians …they cannot handle so much vodka

  54. Im sicking tired of Canadians say you looks like Russian, at the same time asian, but I have explain to Im not Russian and Im Uzbek

    1. British Canadians often look a bit like Eurasians because of their Indo-European and Baltic ancestors.

  55. The rest of Russia need to seek independence from the Slavic Russians

  56. Becauae they are not Russian but Asian lool..No shittt

  57. What do you mean they look Asian? You do realise Asia is home to different countries, different people with no similarities whatsoever

  58. почему американцы выглядят как результат инцеста?

  59. My mothers Russian side of the family looked….Eurasian. Not pure white, and not pure Asian, whatever those are. I suspect theres been a lot of mixing in the past several hundred years.

    1. Maybe it is intermediary form between euro and asian called turanid. Like tatars, bashkirs, maris, udmurts and so on

  60. And some Russians look Middle Eastern. Dagestan for example

  61. Russia is part of Asia and Europe. With a bigger part belongs to the Asian Continent. If you know real history, and geography. You would understand everything.

  62. Mongol invasion and control for 200 years.. look at putin

    1. Look at the half of the so called Europe, located in the west of the Asian land mass. The mongols went as far as Italy. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

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